The story of how everything started.

Manuel Freire Rufo, has been linked to the textile sector since 1985, collaborating with his father, who was in the industrial textile machinery sector.

In 1992 he establishes on his own account the sale of samples of English and French firms

  • 1998


    Thunderline's founding year marks a step forward in establishing itself at BMC (Barcelona Moda Center). Business Center dedicated to the wholesale and retail textile sale.

    In 2002 she joined the company Angie, as partner of the project. In these years they went through the showroom national and international brands like MET, PACHA, TOY G BY PINKO, RED SOUL, LOLLIPOPS, BEN SHERMAN, LAST WILD ANGEL, NICKEL & DIME.

    This era served to consolidate a wide range of customers given the variety of brands available. In 2007 ANTONY MORATO was incorporated, which, given the immediate success achieved and the growing volume of samples, makes us start the search for another space more in line with our needs.

  • 2010


    The year 2010 means a significant change in the company, located in the emerging neighborhood of Poble Nou, a preferred area for many companies and clients of the sector.

    It's a time of change, some firm is leaving, but other new firms appear as LUNATIC, NOT THE SAME, ELVIS & JESUS, HOLLY PREPPY. The company grows with new additions in the commercial field, and in the administrative scope.

  • 2017


    Today, the company has consolidated a large customer base, through a dedicated work from the honesty, and the trust that the customers deposit in us.

    Currently the signatures represented by Thunderline are as follows; ANTONY MORATO, SALSA JEANS, SOS BY ORZA STUDIO, MY BRAND, SH BY SILVIAN HEACH, XT STUDIO, PATI CONDE, MOLLY BRACKEN. (some of them for more than 10 years)

    We hope to continue to count on the trust of all of them as well as our customers for many more years.

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