Committed to the success of textile-fashion brands

 In operation since 1998, Thunderline is a commercial agency that works with the clear objective of achieving excellence both in the fashion brands it represents and in the service it provides to customers, making their work a pleasant life experience.

When does your link to the textile sector begin?

My life has always been linked to the textile sector, thanks to the effort of my father, who from here I pay my little tribute. To him and to so many of his companions who made a young person "disengaged" as was my case, to acquire the culture of effort and love of work, responsibility and the desire to carve out a future. These concepts, so clear in the mind of the "baby boom" generation, are what made the working class children, with few resources but a great deal of determination and to make their way in that society, we are the ones that now hold a large part of the productive fabric of the country, in front of SMEs, such as Thunderline. This year we have completed two decades of experience and continue working with the desire to serve our customers always from the premise of involvement with them and with our suppliers.

What companies do you represent?

Thunderline is very specialized in the commercialization of brands, most of them international, both male and female, and with wide diffusion in the world, as is the case of Antony Morato, Salsa Jeans or Molly Bracken, present in more than 70 countries Others have less international presence, but they are not less important, like SH by Silvian Heach, XT STUDIO or My Brand, all of them newer projects at the time but backed by big companies and with a great future ahead. And I do not want to forget the Italian firm SQS By Orza Studio, to which I have a special affection given that it has been 19 years since I represented it and because it was the first collection with which I entered the medium - medium / high segment in which We have been immersed for so many years now.

Thunderline is specialized in the commercialization of brands.
Antony Morato, Salsa Jeans, Molly Bracken, Pati Conde and S.Q.S By Orza Studio are some of them.

Where does Thunderline have its showroom?

In the neighborhood of PobleNou (Barcelona), also known as the 22 @, where we moved 12 years ago. The fact that numerous fashion showrooms are now also installed in the 22 @ makes the area an important meeting point with customers, which makes it much easier to choose the collections for their businesses. On the other hand, at Thunderline we have introduced new work tools, such as B2B, which provides immediacy and capacity to replenish stock, establishing an online relationship between a manufacturer and a very effective trader. Another interesting tool that we make available to our clients is a CRM software that allows us to centralize in a database all the company - client interactions throughout each campaign.

The sector is experiencing again moments of change ...

Yes, that is why we must be attentive in every way. The rise of sportswear, the bonanza of luxury brands as opposed to low-cost, the search for an increasing social awareness on the part of the consumer, as well as the research into new fabrics looking for sustainability, makes it open a wide range for a future. This makes us think that new opportunities will arise, unimaginable today.